Soap Classes

"The goat's milk soap making class was the best! Terri and Lexi were wonderful teachers and made the class easy and nonthreatening--even the lye part!! These two are the best!!"  Kathy
Love goats milk soap and ready to take the next step and try making your own batch? We would love to teach you how to make your very own custom batch of Goats Milk Soap! Goats milk soap is rich with vitamins and nutrients that both moisturizes and heals your skin, especially when it is made with milk from our very own small herd of Nubian goats whom are known for their high butterfat content.

This is an in depth, hands on beginners soap making class where you will learn how to make cold process goats milk soap, how to handle lye safely, how to cut, cure and store your soap. Watch a first hand demonstration of how we make our Goats Milk Soap, practice cutting fresh soap, then choose your scents and we'll help you make your very own custom batch of soap (approximately 13 bars). All you need to bring is a plastic shoebox and an old towel to bring your fresh soap home in. And please wear a long sleeve shirt! Your soap will need to be cut by you after 24-48 hours and then allowed to cure for 3+ weeks before you use it. We will have several varieties of cured soap available to purchase if you can't wait that long!

Private classes are held at OurCrazyFarm in Northern Wisconsin, just leave me a comment with your e-mail or phone number and I will contact you to set up a time and date (4 people per class preferred). Or if you prefer you can attend one of the scheduled Community Education public classes at the High School. Private classes cost $60, Community Ed Classes cost $75.

Hope to see you soon!
Your hostesses: Terri and Alexis