Thursday, November 11, 2010

Merry Christmas To Me!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That wonderful man that I married went and outdid himself with my Christmas present this year. As if getting a new horse for my upcoming birthday wasn't enough, he bought me a registered Nubian Buck for my Christmas present. I could not be happier! Meet Lippert's Leonidas. Just look at all that color!

The best part about this story is that I had seen this little fellow a couple of weeks ago on Craigslist (ya know, you meet the nicest people through Craigslist). We have been working our way to a purebred registered Nubian herd. At the time being, we have 1 registered Nubian doe, 3 purebred Nubian does, and 2 Nubian cross does. We have used purebred Nubian bucks the last 2 years, but they were not registered. I have also been trying to get lots more color in our herd. So, when I saw this little guy I showed Rob and suggested, even though it would be a year before we could use him, that we should go ahead and purchase him. He seemed to not be very interested, so I let the issue drop. But then, over the weekend, he went and redeemed himself by asking me if I wanted to go get my Christmas present. It turns out he secretly e-mailed and purchased him for me:))) Merry Christmas to me!! He is more than I had hoped for at this point of our breeding program. He comes from a polled line besides, and is as friendly as can be. The family we purchased him from were so kind as to deliver him for us. They home school their children, too, and the goats are actually the sons responsibility. He was such a nice, respectable young man! He really took good care of his goats.Now I have to decide on a barn name for this handsome little guy. We have had a Ford, Chevy and Shelby for our bucks, so maybe Dodge??? But Leo is cute too. I'm open to suggestions!!

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