Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Thursday, June 17, 2010
At It Again

I have been pondering soap again and perusing the world wide web for some ideas and ways to make a better product. Ever since making my first batch of goats milk soap last fall I am definitely hooked on not using any other kind of soap. My hands are thanking me, too. As much as I liked the lard based soap I really wanted to experiment with some different oils and different scents to make a better bar of soap. My first batch is so far mostly a success and in 3 weeks when it has cured will really determine if this recipe is a keeper or not.
Lemon Poppy seed was one "flavor" I was excited to try. The poppy seeds are great exfoliants.
Being my mind has been on soap for a few months I have been noticing soap everywhere I go, and seeing some bars with flowers mixed in I knew I wanted to try some. I simply added some potpourri to a plain mold and the results are beautiful!

The honey oatmeal was also a success last time, so I made another oatmeal bar but this time with some hot apple pie scent and cinnamon. The colors are pretty, but so far the scent isn't too strong. Another great exfoliate for these farm girl hands. Cole stayed up and helped me cut the big blocks and arrange them to dry. I love standing back and looking at my creations:)) Beautiful if I do say so myself! The hopes are to have a stock for our home and maybe try some local farmers markets later this summer and try to sell some. We'll see how it all goes, for now I am having fun indulging in my little science experiments.

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  1. Hi Terri,
    This is Shanda from Taylors Falls,
    just taking a look and your soaps are beautiful!!! I love the molds!! I still have the gifted soap that you gave me, I can't bear to use it, it is too pretty. May our Lord bless your endevors